4 Easy Ways To Make Money At School Without Missing Lectures

ways to make money

Nowadays, Student doesn’t depend too much on parent or guardian to finance his/her educational career. Most of them find a way to make money at school without missing lectures.

There are many ways you can make money at school if you are not lazy though the ways am going to mention in this article are not hard to do, but it requires effort and valiant.
Here are some easy ways to make money at school without missing lectures:

1.Host A Tutorial Class:

You can make money at school by hosting a tutorial class around your school premises, Some set of students doesn’t grab things quickly, So most of them need special classes for more explanation. Gather those students and collect money from them.
You can not do it alone because you are not the father of knowledge, look for genius students in a different department and make a deal with them, you can make a commission deal or salary deal.
For example, let’s assume you have 200 students attending your lesson and they pay $20 per month.

1 student = $20 per month
200 students = 200 * 20 = $2000

From the calculation above you will earn $2000 from 200 students. Let’s say you pay maintenance bills and employee salary/commission of $1000, you still have $1000 dollars in your pocket.

2. Sell Stuff

Sell Stuff: Selling stuff at school is another way you can make money at school, Every student wants to look good, you can sell stuff for them like shirts, shoes, watch e.t.c
Bring your stuff to school then after lectures ask for minutes and advertise your product to them and also use the Facebook marketplace. See how you can use the Facebook market to sell your product here.
You are a student you may not have the capability to buy expensive goods, start with low-cost goods and add your profit to it or do affiliate.

3. Have A Blog:

This is another way you can earn money at school, acquire a blog, and blog about your school.
All students need information, Provide them the latest updates, and tips about your school on your blog.
You can make money by displaying online ads on your blog, affiliate, and accept donations. Earning from your blog is a way to earn money online, See how you make more money online here.
You can use free website builders like WordPress, blogger e.t.c Sometimes, you may need some additional styling for your blog, hire a developer, or learn HTML and CSS to do it yourself, it’s easy to learn.

4. Sell Your Old Notes:

If you are the type that doesn’t dispose off your used notes, you can make money by selling your old notes to your junior colleague at school.

The syllabus that will be cover in that section is already in your notebook, your note will be very useful for them so they will buy it from you.


The people you want to sell your note to are students like you, so don’t place a high budget on it. You can sell at the range of $20 – $100


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