8 Legit ways To Make Money Online As A Student

How To Make Money Online As A Student
How To Make Money Online As A Student

Being a student isn’t easy, there’s a lot to pay for, Students nowadays look for a way to make money online either to finance their educational carrier or cater to their needs. The truth is, there are some legit ways you can make money online as a student without taking a stressful job and having your grades suffer.

You can use your current profession to look for online jobs, or grow new skills and take it on various online jobs. So now let’s look through some ways you can make money online. Here are the 6 legit ways to make money online as a student:

1.Freelance Writing
2.Online Courses ( Teaching online)
3. Run a blog website
4. Sell your notes
5. Taking surveys online
6. Create a youtube channel
7. Apply for scholarships
8. Sell your old books

1. Freelance Writing

Freelance Writer

You could make up to $50-$100+ per day through writing if you possess good grammar research skills and write very fast. Freelance writing is one of the biggest paying online jobs that you could consider as a profession.

To get started:

  • Look for freelancing sites like or
  • Create a professional and eye-catching profile: This is important for every freelancer i.e(completing your profile like your name, catching profile picture, address, portfolio, catching resume because your profile is your storefront, business card, and public face.
  • Search for writing jobs and apply them.

Before you consider freelance writing job you will need a computer with an Internet connection.

2. Online Courses(Teaching Online)

Teaching online

You can now make money online while also going to school without stress by teaching others in certain areas of study that you’re familiar with. Teaching Online is one of the most recommended ways for students to make money.

To get started:

  • Look for a platform that allows anyone to create an online course like Udemy
  • Create a professional and eye-catching profile
  • Make a video: make sure you make a well-explained video, put a good video title and video description. While the video description, make sure you point out what you want to teach them, what they are going to know at the end of the lesson, the benefit of knowing it
  • Sell it

Before you know it, you could make huge money while doing this.

 3. Run a blog website

Run a blog website

The best way to get started making money online is by running a blog website. You can make a large amount of money by running a website depending on the traffic your website has.

You can make money with your website by Selling Products Online, Accepting Donations from your users, Selling ad space, Affiliate marketing, sponsored posts, and so on.

To get started:

Is not a must to be a web developer before you can own a website, There are many website creation platforms that you can use and have your website ready in minutes, These website creation platform don’t require you to code or program anything.

  • Look for website creation platforms like or
  • Choose a template of your choice that matches your blog.
  • Design it to your taste: You can design the theme header, widget, footer e.t.c but sometimes you may need to customize the theme by adding some additional HTML and CSS, contact a web developer or quickly go through some HTML and CSS tutorials.

4. Sell your notes

sell your old notes

Are you are a type that doesn’t miss lectures in your school, why not get rewarded for doing that. Yes, You can earn more money by helping out your fellow students? If you don’t mind giving the notes that you’ve taken during your lessons with other students, then you can exchange them for a little extra cash online. You can choose the price that you want them to pay for your insights.

5. Online Survey.

Online survey

Completing an online survey is another way you can make money online, but you can not earn big from completing surveys. Survey companies work with businesses that need insight on new ideas before they hit the market.

Completing online surveys takes a lot of time-consuming and patient. You earn from answering some questions given, that means your earning depend on what you answered per day. If you can answer as many questions a day, you should be on your way to earn some extra cash.

To get started:

  • Look for platforms that run online survey like
  • Sign up and set up your profile (account details e.t.c)
  • Complete surveys and get paid

6. Create a Youtube Channel

youtube channel

Youtube is one of the recommended ways you could make money online. You can become a youtube blogger if you love to share a video article, news, entertainment e.t.c. Before you could earn from your youtube channel there are some criteria that you have complete ;

  • Your channel must have at least 1000 subscribers
  • Your channel must have at least 4000 hours watch

You can meet up these requirements in months if you post consistently and optimize your youtube videos. Your pay comes from the advertisements on your videos, so you get paid more if you have high viewership.

You can get paid as much as $7.60 for every 1,000 views of each video that means if you have up to 100 videos on your channel, you could earn up to $70.60 every specific time depending on the traffic and subscriber you have on your channel.

  • Sign up for
  • Create a youtube channel
  • Find the right keyword for your channel
  • Meet up the requirement for monetization
  • Earn money

7. Apply for scholarships

apply for scholarship

There are actually tons of scholarship opportunities in all continents in the world. Most students don’t apply because they don’t know about them, or think they can’t win, so there’s less competition than you think. You can apply for Scholarships base on the type i.e  You can:

This can be anything from $500 to over $1000 and can help pay for your school fees.

8. Sell your old book

Sell your old books

You can also make money by selling your old school book to your juniors in college, don’t just abandon them there to gather dust. Books can be converted to money just make sure you don’t directly write in the margins of any of the books you want to sell, They will buy it from you because topics to be treated in their syllabus is already in it.

Where did you also make money that we didn’t make mention of, please let us know by commenting below this post

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