8 Reasons Why Brilliant Students Fail Examination

Why brilliant students fail examination

Failing in an examination most times doesn’t mean you are dull or you have a flat brain but most times it’s due to some factors that you did not count.

Most students wonder why they fail examination even when they are brilliant but most people do some mistakes that examiners count.

Here Are Some Reasons Why Brilliant Students Fail Examination

1. Overconfidence

As much as a student need to have confidence so also he/she must be careful not to be too full of him/her self because this leads to failure most times.

An overconfidence student believes he knows all even to the extent of believing he knows more than the teacher or lecturer.

Overconfidence will make a brilliant student thinks he/she did not need to read or study again for the examination and he/she will be shocked to find challenging questions that will make him or her chew pen in the examination hall.

So as a brilliant student, be careful of your ego, don’t think you already know it, no matter how simple the topic looks like, still revise the topic before the examination.

2. Lack of concentrations

Some students fail to put the expected concentration on their study instead they divert their attention to some less necessary things that make them fail even as a brilliant student. This is as a result of an unserious student like we discuss in this article.

Some students are so much engaged in campus activities that make them lose concentration and once s they’ve lost their concentration no matter how brilliant they may be, they might fail.

3. Poor reading habit

Many students can’t sit down and read to understand that is why many cram, and all they cram fly off in the examination hall and it looks like they don’t prepare for the exam.

Some don’t even know to read and assimilate or get their brain to learn fast.

4. Procrastination

Many brilliant students do procrastinate and this leads to late reading which eventually leads to cramming.

Some students keep postponing till it’s die minute for the examination before they start reading and that can’t help because they will not prepare well for the examination.

5. Poor course or faculty selection:

When a student chooses the wrong course due to some factors, he/she will not be able to withstand the challenges the course will pose at him or her.

Belonging to a wrong faculty also leads to a lack of interest in subject and topics which can cause failure.


6. Bad mindset/perception:

Many students have the mindset that they will fail examination before sitting for it because of some reason and because of their thinking they might fail such examination.

Having a bad mindset is a bad tool that can leads to failure of a brilliant student, no matter how difficult a topic or subject may be always have the mindset of I can do it and you will always pass such a subject.

7. Poor financial back up:

This is a very strong factor that can lead to the failure of a brilliant student.

Insufficient finance can make students miss lectures due to the failure of making school fees payment available at the right time. 

This will make you miss important lectures, topics taught during that time may be failed because he/she doesn’t have the full knowledge of such topics.

Bad finance also leads to students not been able to get the essential material he/she needs for studying. 

This factor you can solve it yourself if you know how you can make money online without having your grades suffer.

8. Peer group:

There is a saying that “the friends you keep make you or mar you”. If you are in college learn how to make friends.

Many brilliant students are been pressurized by their friends who shift their attention from their studies and make them lose focus which leads to failure.


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Ifeoluwa Olumorokun

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