Coronavirus – Waec Candidate Tested Positive In Akwa Ibom Nigeria

Waec Candidate Tested Positive
In Akwa Ibom State , One Waec Candidate was tested positive

In Nigeria, A candidate of the West Africa Examination Council (WAEC) tested positive for the coronavirus on Monday.

According to the governor of Akwa Ibom state Emmanuel Udom, during a media chat in Uyo, He announced that a candidate was infected with the virus during the examination period, He continues, he said the affected candidate is asymptomatic.

Emmanuel Udom said; “Over 100 students were tested but there is only one victim who contracted the virus in Akwa Ibom state Nigeria. The affected candidate in been taken for special treatment and I want to believe that by now, the young man should be okay ”

He also said in his statement that “he has directed all Special Assistants to visit all the schools and monitor the level of compliance with the safety protocols and give him feedback in case of any emergency.”

All student must follow the covid19 protocols before going to the exam all

The governor provided over 100,000 facemask and sanitizers to all school writing the examination in Akwa Ibom Nigeria.

He further stated “Based on the report I have, I think the students are doing well; it is left for them to reciprocate by giving us excellent WAEC result,” he added.

In the news – Waec Candidate Tested Positive


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