How To Attain Fame In College Or University

How To Attain Fame In College Or University

Fame is a thing everyone wants to attain while in college, but many don’t know how to go about it.

Many have the thinking that fame can only be attained through wealth, Yes, I agree but it’s not all by being wealthy. Fame can be attained in college without being the richest man son/daughter.

You can be famous in college only if you have some of the intellectuals that will be stated below.

Fame is not all about putting on expensive wears (foot and bodywear) just these few things will help you attain the fame you’ve been striving for. All you need is to read to the end.

1. Answer questions in class

This is an effective way to attain fame in college or university. You need to have studied hard before the arrival of the teacher/lecturer in class in order to be able to answer questions well in class. This will make you be well known in your college.

If you are the type that answers questions well in class, students will always run to you if they are facing difficulty in their studies and also tell other students to do the same and by so, you will become popular in college.

2. Don’t be a shy type

To attain fame in your college or university you must not be a shy type,  A shy person cannot attain fame in life.

Just take for example in a seminal that consists of up to 1000 students and you are called to talk about something, if you are a shy type you will surely fuck up and you’ve lost the chance of being famous.

3. Be friendly:

You must be able to make friends fast with your schoolmate in college. To attain fame in college don’t be the kind of person who can’t associate with people easily.

For example, in a school of about 2000 students if you have made friends with over 800 students automatically you are already famous in such college because the more you make friends the more fame you attain. Read more on how to friends in college

4. Be good at something:

You need to discover what you can do best such as singing, dancing, football, cracking jokes, and so on.

If you are outstanding in something or if you can do something most of your colleagues can’t do, they will always refer you to their friends.

Let us take a look at someone who is very good at cracking jokes, anywhere such a person is, the place will always be lively and by so, people will love to have such person around which will make him/her attain fame.

5. Belong to a large friend circle

Belonging to a large and popular friend circle makes you attain fame in college because a large friend circle is always the talk of the school. So by belonging to such a circle you will attain fame in your college or university easily.

Friend circle is when 5 or more students (both male and female) are close friends which do things the same way like putting on the same wears, coming and going out of the school at the same time, and so on. These things attract the interest of students and make student attain fame in his or her college.

6. Move with the popular ones

Moving with the famous ones is a very effective tool to attain fame in college.

You can date/court the hottest girl/boy in college in order to be the talk of the school and gradually you will attain fame in such college.

When you hang out with the popular ones you will always be seen as a popular one and people will always gossip about you.

7. Engage in school activities:

Make yourself available and effective in all the activities that concern you, that is been carried out in the college and by so doing you can attain fame in your college easily.

Engaging in school activities includes:

  • Join school clubs: Belong to two or more clubs in your college and play an effective role in all of them to attain fame in college. et.c



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