How to Become a Better Student Programmer


My discovery as a student programmer proved to me that knowing only codes doesn’t make you a better programmer.
Professionalism in this field requires more experience outside coding that gives more knowledge to outshine others and become a successful, professional, and better programmer.

Coding for many years without knowing all this basic technology information makes you different from other professional programmers.

Let’s get you connected to the main fact

Steps to Follow to become a better programmer

1. Have confidence in yourself – as a programmer, you must build up confidence in yourself and always keep your heart warm up with the word “I can do it better”. If you can code, that sounds good but there are some tasking projects, challenges, or debug of codes that can make you feel like thinking “can I solve this issue”?. And the more you solve problems the more you gain more experience in the field.

2. Go for Online Challenges – To improve your skill, knowledge, and scope in programming, you must task yourself with online challenges like “google kick start” and more.

A programmer who loves to challenge code always developed ideas very fast, you can set up a big task and find various means online to solve it.

Visit the different websites and compare solutions to each other will help you.

3. Always update yourself: Updating your skills online to the latest version of your programming language will help you to handle the task easily.

A programmer who fails to update himself will lack the quality that others have. By updating yourself, you can find easily ways in solving major tasks, comparing to the hardness way you are using before.

As a programmer update yourself daily.

4. Always visit a developer meet up – A problem shared is a problem solved, the gathering of people in the same professional career field always brings new ideas in solving problems. As a person, we think differently and we do things in different ways. Meeting up together on a developer gathering concert or online groups like social media groups or forum websites that we can share, upload, and participate in gathered more experience that will improve our skills.

5. Make Google Your Friend– this sounds funny but it one of the basic facts I will mention in this article. Once you are so much good in using google search. You can browse deeply to any length when looking for a solution. Since Google is the most search engine used in the world makes anything possible with it through search.

Here is a video explanation on this article


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