How To Make Money On Facebook

how to make money on Facebook

Facebook is the largest social media on earth, it has billion of users using it. There are many ways you can make money on Facebook but some students prefer wasting their sub watching videos, chatting, and more.
Facebook makes it easy for its user to make money in many ways. In this article, I will mention some ways you can make money on Facebook.

Here is how to make money on Facebook

1. Use Facebook Market Place: Facebook market place is the first option to opting when considering to make money on Facebook

How can you make money on Facebook market place?

There are many ways you can earn from Facebook market place, but in this article, I will mention two ways:

  • Trading: Since Facebook has billions of users, You can do what I call “TRADE”, yes I meaning trading.
    Trading means buying and selling of goods, or exchanging of resources.
    Scope to make money on the Facebook market place
    Buy Goods at a lesser price(That means you need to buy at bulks from companies) and then post it to the Facebook market place to resale(You will resale in retail price).
    Add your profits to it, don’t add too much profit so that you could see many buyers. For example, if you buy goods at the rate of $5 you can resale at the rate of $6.
  •  Do Affiliate: Affiliate is very common among student, You can start earning with affiliate marketing with $0,  that means you don’t have to invest your money before you can make money. You will make money by the commission per goods sold
    How can you make money on affiliate?
    What you will do is look for companies that is looking for affiliate marketer and apply, Then you will be given goods to sell.
    Just post the good to the Facebook market place to sell.

2. Facebook Groups and  Facebook Pages: Facebook groups and Facebook page is another way you can earn dollars on Facebook without having your grades suffer.

How can you make money on Facebook group and Facebook page?
  1. Advertise for people: Both Facebook page and Facebook group are sources to make money on Facebook. if you have many followers on your pages/group trust me bloggers will want  you to promote their blog /website or even companies,  they will want you to promote their product on your page. from there you will earn your dollar.
  2. Earn from Facebook videos: Yes, You can money from your video on your page, not only youtube videos you can make money.If you don’t know how you can make money on youtube view this blog
    Facebook also allows its user to monetize his/her video on Facebook. Before you can monetize your video you need to meet their monetization policy and requirement.

Hope you enjoyed this post, Do you know another way to make money on Facebook that we didn’t mention, let me know by commenting.

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