How To Use Google Classroom As A Teacher And Student

How To Use Google Classroom

It’s now very easy for teachers and students to communicate with each other through Google Classroom.

Not only if you are in school that you can learn, With Google Classroom, you can also learn online in your comfort zone.
Here is a simple guide on how to use Google Classroom as a teacher and student. Before moving on let’s know what google classroom is

What is Google Classroom?

Google Classroom is an application designed and developed by Google in the year 2014, The app became more popular in the year 2020 due to Coronavirus Pandemic that makes online learning more useful.

The purpose of Google Classroom is to streamline the process of sharing files between teachers and students.

Uses of google classroom for teacher

There are many reason teachers to consider using Google Classroom, I will tell you some uses of Google Classroom for teachers.
Here are reasons to use google classroom as a teacher:
1. Teacher can easily create tutorials online: I can say this is the primary reason why Google Classroom was built. As a teacher, you can create intuitive tutorials for your student to read. Your students will only have access to the tutorials if they have your tutorial keys. Don’t worry I will tell you how you can use share your classroom keys with your student.
2. Give Assignment: You can set assignment for your student

3. Grade student assignment: Yes, am right, you can easily give and grades assignments with google classroom

How to use google classroom as a teacher

Here are tips on how to use google classroom as a student:

1. Create an Account
  1. For School: If you are a school that means you will have an education email also know as Gsuite for education account. Gsuite education email looks like this If you don’t know your school mail ask the school’s administrator.
  2. Personal Account: If you are independent, you can create a google classroom personal account with your personal email. Your personal email looks like this
2.Create a class

To create a class is simple, and compulsory because that’s the primary reason for choosing Google Classroom.

Here is how to create Google Class:

  1. Click on the plus sign(+) on the top right of your page
  2. Click on create class and then accept the terms and conditions to continue
  3. Then you will be asked to fill some feeds like the classroom field, section, and room, fill it correctly and then click on create button
  4. After this procedure, your class has been created.
3. Create something

how to use google classroom

To create something on google classroom click on the classroom on the menu and then click on create.

The image above explained how to create an assignment, quiz assignment, question, material, reuse post, and topic on google classroom.

4. Invite Your Student

I told you that not all students will have access to your classroom if they don’t invite them. To invite student go to click on stream, you will see something like this:

how to invite student on google classroomCopy the class code and then share with your student

Another way you can invite students is to click the people menu, then you will see a teacher and student. Click on student you will see a link to invite a student or you can invite the student you know by their name.

5. Grade

I think the grade is another thing you should know, this works when you have assigned somethings to your student. You can easily grade their  score on google classroom

Uses of Google Classroom for Student

Google Classroom helps students in many ways, for example, if your teacher’s missed a period that he/she should teach. Your teacher might create a class for you on Google Classroom. In one word google classroom helps to take online classes.

How to use Google Classroom as a Student

You are a student, your aim is to participate in your teacher lesson, the first thing you need is to create an account

How to create a Google Classroom account

Here is how to create a google classroom account as a student:

    1. Visit the webpage to signup
    2. You will be asked some information to fill
    3. Accept the terms and conditions
    4. Then click signup to register

After your account has been created, you need to join a class, to join a class is also simple, I will show to join a  Class in this article

Steps to join a google classroom class:

  1. Sigin to your google classroom account
  2. Click on the plus sign on the top right of the menu
  3. Click on join class
  4. Paste the class code: this will look like this
  5. Then click on join to join the classroom<how to join a google classroom class


Hopefully, you have joined a class,  Now you are ready to take your online class

Hope you enjoyed this post, please share to your students or teachers 



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