Highest Paying Careers In 2020.



In life, your career determines your future. A statement by ‘Don Vito Corleone’ says ‘Great men are not born great, they grow great’.

To become great in life, you definitely need ‘Money’. Every man starts at a point and their daily income shows how far they go with it. Either “making money online” or go for salary base jobs.
Earning huge money with your career gives you a luxury life.

Don’t waste time, let get you updated with the most highest-earning career in the year,2020.

List of Most Highest Paying Careers in 2020


An anesthesiologist is a science medical career that top the list of the most highest paying job career in United kingdom with a mean salary of $251,890 – $265,990.

Before we proceed let talk about the work of an Anesthesiologist?

Who is an Anesthesiologist? is a doctor that takes care, evaluate, monitor, and supervise surgery patients before, during, and after the operation.

The anesthesiologist’s job is somehow stressful, they prescribe medications to surgery patients and visit the theatre room all for fast recovery of the patient.

How to Become an Anesthesiologist

For any students to become an Anesthesiologist in any universities, college, or school. the course requires a Master’s degree course of 4 years and a further 2-year course in Student Learning Training.

Job information
Mean salary: $265,990
Stress level: High
Work-life balance: Low

Petroleum Engineer

Today, I will like to introduce you to “Petroleum Engineering”, a career that deals with the refinery of crude oil into oil &gas, kerosene, fuel and diesel.

In most continents, people use final products from crude oil in different places, they use it in their houses, shops, offices, companies, and cars.

Most companies in the world depend on these final products to power their industrial machines and run their business to appear in good shape.

Especially in Africa, Europe, and America countries, their government depends on fuel,oil& gas, kerosene, and diesel to activity their business on transportation.

In Europe, America, and other developed countries, Petroleum engineering top the list of highest paying careers due to the rate of how crude oil product is been used.

A Petroleum Engineering graduate might find it difficult to obtain a job at first in most African and Asia countries like Nigeria, Ghana, and more, due to their high rate of salary. But once an opportunity to work as a government agent is been obtained, your life changes completely.
Also in this field, a lot of opportunities is been opened to people who wish to embark on this career, you can run a personal legal business in your country by launching a fuel, oil & gas, kerosene, and diesel station to earn big rather than seeking for jobs around.

According to records in the UK, the mean salary for a petroleum engineer worth $154,780 in 2020.

Job information
Mean salary: $154,780
Stress level: Above average
Work-life balance: Below average

Computer Science

Computer Science is one of the most highest paying careers in the world that falls under the category of Internet technology.

This science career is said to be an outstanding and profitable career for anyone who embarks on it to become a programmer either you go for the hardware part of the software part, you earn big.

Since the world has been occupied by different technologies, it gives an edge to IT professionals to earn big in today’s market.

The richest man on earth, “Bezos” the CEO of ‘Amazon’ earns money from ‘Internet Technology’ and also Mark Zurgerburg, the founder of Facebook earns money from IT.
You can also earn big money with this list of Professions in IT.
SEO Experts
Web Designer
Graphic Designer
Software Programmer
Hardware Programmer
Online Marketing
UI/UX Designer

Job information
Mean salary: $149,730
Stress level: High
Work-life balance: Below average.
Note: Anyone who embarks on this promising science career has an opportunity to turn its life around with this huge money, you can also start up a promising project like Facebook, twitter, youtube, or Google.


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