Reason Why Developed Africa Countries Still poor


The world is made up of seven continents, which are North America, South America, Europe, Asia, Africa, Antarctica, and Oceania. But the Africa countries seem to be very poor among others.

When talking about the richest countries in the world, Even developed African countries are far behind others.

According to history, after the eradication of famine in 1980s, world records proved that developed African countries are moving gradually out of poverty from 54% to 41% in 2015.

But why moving back into the poverty line? there are some certain reasons why Africa countries are still poor.

  • Let discuss the reasons behind poor Africans.

Poor Economy System

Many Africa countries run poor economic systems that affect their country’s growth. when a country fails to reproduce or manage its resources in a proper way this leads to the poorness of the nation. In such nation, citizens suffer a lot because there are less opportunity from the government. the country’s budget will be affected, due to low income which will restrain government from embarking on large projects that will benefit the citizens.

Lack of maintaining resources:

In Europe and America countries like the United States, the governments maintain the resources of their country to bring growth and income to the country’s economy. they processes adequate storage facilities to preserve their final products for further use. while Africa countries have natural resources like Crude oil, Limestone, rocks, coal, and others that can be refined to final product to make huge income through exporting.

While failing to maintain resources and building adequate storage facilities in Africa, leads to inadequate production. It also makes them depend on imported goods from other countries.

Spending a lot of money on imported goods while earning little income from production will lead to economic devastation, which can make the country to be poor.

Bad Leadership

This is a problem facing many countries in Africa that haveĀ  many resources that can bring huge income to boost the country’s economy, but being ruled by bad leadership. when a government spent much money on unnecessary things rather than working on the country’s economic growth, there will surely be a devastation in that nation.

When there is economic devastation in a country, that nation will be poor.

These are parts of the things that affect most Africa countries to be poor, starting from earlier 2005.





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