Simple Tools You Need To Become A Successful Freelance Writer

tools you need as a freelancer

Carpenter has tools, bricklayer has tools, an engineer has tools, A web developer has tools even writers have tools, without these tools work will not go smoothly as expected.

So in this article, we are going to talk about some tool you need as a freelance writer, that will make your work faster, easier and even makes your work look like a professional. But before moving further let’s quickly discuss who a freelance writer is.

Brief Intro Of A Freelance Writer

A freelance writer is an independent technical writer who choose to be the boss of his/her own and not committed to a particular employer long-term.

A freelance writer don’t depend on salary, He/She earn through writing with the help of the internet — A freelance writer is also known as A FREELANCER

There is no fixed rate you can make per hour as a freelance writer, most of the time , you can make at least $20 – $50 per hour up-pretty good pay–but it requires thinking and you to understand the language that you want to use composing the article for your client.

A freelance expert may specialize in different  categories’, such as marketing communications, Teaching, sales letters, and presentations, training programs, catalogs, newsletters, or brochures. However, most freelancers can provide a whole array of services.

What Are The Tools You Need To Become A Successful Freelance Writer ?

These are the tool you need as a freelance writer:

  1. A Computer And A Constant Internet Connection:

    Yes, The first thing you must have is your personal computer ( PC ) and a constant internet connection. If you don’t have those two tools, you’re like a farmer going to a farm without cutlass.

  2. Image Editor:

    Image editor is another  tool you need as a freelance writer
    High catching image is necessary when writing an article for a client, the first things that a client will examine in your article in the cover image after the title.
    Make an illustrative image, Image that is illustration will describe what the article is all about.

    Not all writers know how to design themselves, you are a writer, not a graphics designer, only a few writers know how to design catching images on their own.

    There are image editors that are available online that you can use to create images within minutes. Some of the editors are free while some are paid. Example of these editors are:

    I. Canva.com: Canva is a popular designing tool, it is used mainly for designing. Use can use canva for presentations, posters, social media graphics, and some other visual content.

    ii. Postermywall.com: Postermywall is also recommended to use. It is created for businesses and marketers. On postermywall you can easily create posters, flyer graphics, cover images e.t.c.

    iiii. Bannersnack.com: There are 1000+ available templates in different categories that you can customize and make it yours, You can also create from scratch if you wish to.

    Consider any of these image editing tools to create stunning and high catching images in minutes and attract your client good review.

  3. Typo & Grammatical Errors Checker

    You need this tool as a freelance writer – No client will want to pay a writer that wrote an article that is not readable due to some error in the article. Nobody is above mistakes, Some error is made innocently that you don’t even know that they were errors. These errors may be bad paragraph writing, full stop( . ) instead of a comma(-), and so on.

    The tools were built by professionals and professors in English. These checkers will quickly check your article and alert you if there is an error in your article. Some of these checkers are
    I . Grammarly: Grammarly is a writing tool that uses natural language processing and artificial intelligence to check typos and grammatical errors. The tool makes sure that everything you write is correct and readable.
    ii. Autocrit.com: Autocrit is Similar to Grammarly, Autocrit is a book editing tool mainly built for writers for improvements of their writing skills. On Autocrit you can Analyze all your whole script or article, check grammar, check repetition, analyze the readability of your script, pacing & momentum, dialogue Strong Writing, Word Choice, Combination.

  4. Cloud Storage:

    I learned my lesson some years back when I was to write a client script of 10 pages, However, I’ve written about 8 pages. The shocking part is that my computer hard disk got corrupted and I lost all files.
    Cloud storage is a storage mechanism that is used for storing data of any category or type.

    The main point of using cloud storage service is that most companies have up to 3-4 servers, Assuming one gets corrupted, they will quickly restore all users data from the remaining server. An example of these are cloud storage are:
    I. Google Drive: Google drive is popular and one of the most used cloud storage . It is used to store data/files and also you can share what to store, maybe to a client or company. Google Drive was designed and developed by Google.
    ii. Dropbox.com: Dropbox is another reliable cloud storage that allows you to save , store and share data on the cloud.

  5. Plagiarism Detector

    There are no new things in the world. There might be someone who has written what you thought of and , Innocently you submitted it to a client , Some clients might not believe that you didn’t copy someone’s content. No client will want to buy a plagiarism content.

    Plagiarism detectors are bot that are capable of checking and analyzing content source and ownership. They give feedback about plagiarism and copyright. Some of these detector are:
    I. Plagiarsmdetector.net: Plagiarismdetector is a free software that is used to check plagiarism .
    ii Duplichecker.com: Duplichecker is very similar to plagiarismdetectors, duplichecker i also used to check plagiarized content.

  6. Portfolio ( Personal Website)

    Does it sound funny or strange ? The truth is your personal portfolio website is a strong tool you need for your freelance success.
    Yes I accept that you have worked on many platforms like upwork, freelancer and fiverr and you have good reviews, the truth is no client will have time to check all your profile in each platform. Hence, if you have a personal website you can collate the reviews and put it together on your portfolio website.

    Your portfolio website is an edge of winning a project.
    Is not a must to be a programmer before you can design a website yourself. To create a portfolio website is easy , there are website builders that can use you to create your personal portfolio website in minutes. These builder requires no coding experience, builder’s like WordPress, Blogger etc., all you need to do is to choose a portfolio template and then edit it to your taste( Edit the text, widget and header and footer ) .

    However , sometimes you may need an additional styling by adding some additional CSS. You can go through a CSS tutorial.CSS is easy to learn. Nevertheless or hire a developer.

Consider those tools listed for success as a freelancer. If you find the article useful, comment and share



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