Harvard University – Kind of Students That get Admission into Harvard University

Admission into Harvard University

Question: What Kind Of Students get Admission into Harvard University?

Harvard University

Harvard is a very famous University,located at Cambridge, Massachusetts in America.

In history the school had produce many successful and great students like Barack Obama, the America Ex-President.

While for a students willing to further his/her education career in Harvard University, i will like to share some base experience i had during my first time in the school campus after get admission into Harvard University.

When i visits Harvard campus for the first time in my life, after gaining admission into the university. i was told to stay in a room with my seniors. But i was thinking of seeing some busy talented genuine students in different course fields.
To my surprise i found something different, a cool guys who just like hanging around in the campus and also locating a nice place for playing soccer.

This is contrary to my expectation of geniuses students with different practical robots in their room, someone with a sense of political influence or a world class athlete or musician habits.

At that time , i don’t know what seems special about Harvard Students, even i don’t know what each student’s take as their career job.

After a few moment, A roommates pick me up to check out a class,i used this opportunity to ask him some questions that bordered me most, I asked “What’s so special about this place? Why are you even here?”, He give a response that amazed me saying “Well, I was Valedictorian and all that when I was in high-school. That’s all fine. But when you decide to study here, you really have to control a bit with your head and a bit with your heart.”

At that point of view, i reasoning the kind of students that get into Harvard, cos the answer seems funny.

The world make us believe that they are all super scholars with great award. While the senior response give me experience that “Harvard students” are top-achieving students, why some are more brilliant than you could imagine and some students top their class list in high school and maybe even top of a field.

But  never have in mind that they are all just super scholars as the world says because most students also have topic or courses that they really want to change.

So students that get admission into Harvard university have this two things in common.
1. Have believe that our world is workable,
2. They use a bit of head and a bit of heart to shape out things into something beautiful.



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