Tricks & Tips To Identify A Fake Scholarship And A Genuine Scholarship

fake scholarship genuine scholarship

Though everyone would love to win a scholarship to achieve his/her educational dream, not all scholarship you see is genuine, there are many fake scholarships out there. When applying for a scholarship there are concepts or attribute you should look at before applying.

In this article, I will mention some attributes of fake scholarship and attributes of a good scholarship.

Attribute Of A Fake Scholarship

These are some tips that will help you indentify/ detect a fake scholarship:

  • A Fake Scholarship Will Be Very Easy To Apply: A fake scholarship will be so straight and easy to apply and there will be no requirement or eligibility.
  • Everyone Wins A Fake Scholarship: This is another attribute of a fake scholarship,  If you apply for a fake scholarship, you will surely be chosen.

    Note This: If you applied for a scholarship and you are chosen don’t  quickly judge that is a fake scholarship, You may have the opportunity to win a genuine scholarship at once, this is how you can figure out if it’s fake or genuine

    • Try applying multiple times with different information, if you get the same message that you have been selected, that means is a fake scholarship.
  • They Don’t Reveal Their Identity: They will surely not reveal their because they want to perform an illegal action or operation
  • They Will Ask For Money: This is the main reason the fake scholarship was hosted, they want your money only they have nothing to offer.

    Note This: Some genuine scholarship require to pay some fee but this organization or school reveal their identity

    These are some attribute you will see in a fake scholarship now let’s talk about some attribute of a genuine scholarship

Attribute Of A Genuine Scholarship

These are some tips that will help you identify a genuine scholarship:

  • A Genuine Scholarship Will Have An Host: A genuine scholarship will have a host, For example, if you look at this scholarship, The host of the scholarship program is the University Of Iowa.
  • A Genuine Scholarship Will Have A Purpose: A genuine scholarship will have a reason for hosting. For example, the aim of this scholarship program is to support students who can’t afford the college fee in the wake of the COVID-19 pandemic.
  • A Genuine Scholarship Will Have Eligibility: There will always be a requirement that applicants must pass before he/she is eligible to apply. For example one of the eligibility of this scholarship is that Applicant must ready to pursue a Bachelor’s Degree and Master’s of Education Degree at the university

These are some attributes you will find in a genuine scholarship, so when applying for a scholarship put those points into consideration.

Now let’s take a look at how we can find a genuine Scholarship

How To Find A Genuine Scholarship

There are thousands of scholarship offers out there, Some are genuine are while some re Fake/Scam. These are the steps to find a genuine scholarship:

  1. Search for schools that are offering a scholarship or look for sites that provide the lastest scholarship like
  2. Before applying, make sure the scholarship has the attribute of a genuine scholarship (i.e Attributes mentioned above in this article).
  3. Before applying, read carefully to know if you are eligible
  4. Apply Apply Apply !!!!!!

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