UCL Warns Student Not To Come Back To School Due To The Covid Pandemic

The university college London (UCL) told its student not to come back to school till maybe February ending.

The government has gone against the coming back to the school of university students on January ending. Even all the primary and high schools are been closed on the day that could have been the school term‘s first day.

And due to this schools are bent to distance learning.

Knotty problems

UCL said in a statement that it wishes to be just and fair in making policy.

It said that their recent investigation did not give room for students to come back to school before mid –February or march ending.

It is also said that until Monday 22 February at soonest, there will be no “face-to-face or in-person teaching in the campus”

It also said that “this is later than the government is advising but we believe that is the best action in these knotty problems”.

Ifeoluwa Olumorokun

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